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TV Nation

Today is election day in Germany! I just got back from the voting booth and without being to philosophical, it kind of leads me to my news item. This month I am in the midst of composing a piece for soprano saxophone, piano and tape for the talented Henning Schröder. It will be premiered at the  NASA conference 2014 (of course I am referring to the North American Saxophone Alliance).

These days Google, Youtube and Media in general, seem to be steering our  brainwaves of what we like, wear, eat, drink, want or think. Even though the internet has such a prominent role, TV is still one of the No.1 influence on people’s behaviour. I dont’ really want to get into a discussion about what is good or bad, but I decided to dedicate the piece to it and call it “TV Nation”. I recorded audio snippets from American TV and am composing music to it. The audio segments speak for itself really and it is very entertaining indeed to record and edit them and add some music to them. I wrote a similar piece for Christoph Enzel and Adrian Tully two years ago, named Zapping which was the original inspiration for this commission. Updates about the performance will be posted! Stay tuned (in every way)!