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Tatort – “Die Pfalz von Oben”

Tonight is Tatort Time!

Tune in at 8.15 pm on ARD , when the nearly 50 year old title melody will ring through German living rooms! I had the honour to score the 30 year old anniversary episode of Lena Odenthal, (Ulrike Folkerts) who will celebrate by returning to one of her first controversial cases and will reunite with Stefan Tries (Ben Becker).

I want to thank the wonderful guitarist Dave Bennett for contributing to the score and of course the talented Flügelhorn master Nikolaus Neuser. I couldn’t have done it without you two! Also a big thanks to the director Brigitte Bertele, who gave me a lot of freedom to develop the sound that I envisioned for this episode. And finally, thank you Kerim König, for helping me mix this mess of many tracks that I recorded.

Viel Spass!