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“Quintett” premieres at RCM London

My composition for saxophone quartet and piano “Quintett”, premiers at the Royal College of Music in London on Wednesday 3rd July, at 7.30pm, at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, performed by the RCM Saxophone Ensemble. Many thanks to Kyle Horch for making this concert possible and for rehearsing the piece with his students.

Jonny Vaux, soprano saxophone
Louis Stanhope, alto saxophone
Sophia Elger, tenor saxophone
Agnija Silicka, baritone saxophone
Roelof Temmingh, piano

More details about the concert event here.

Quintett (2019)

Repetition is one of the key musical elements of “Quintett.” I was intrigued by repetitive patterns, modifying them and adding voices in a modal harmonic context. The piece was written when I was pulled out of my daily routine by a life changing event. I had a feeling that the repetitiveness of one note, very much symbolized the state I was in: neither here nor there, in a situation where one knows that life will never be the same, not sure if it is better to look forward or to stay in the past. In this piece I wanted to achieve exactly that state of mind. The piece breaks out of the repetitiveness in the final movement, where it moves forward into a waltz-like, decisive finale.