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Nikola Tesla – Mind of the Future

Happy New Year everyone!

This year I would like to start my news blog with someone very special. Nikola Tesla!

10 years ago I was working on a mission to write music for an interactive film about Nikola Tesla.

For most parts, the team consisted of Ed Beals, Alistair Keddie, Blaz Habus, Joshua Sternlicht, Sabina Hahn and many others.

We worked on animated films directed by Helena Bulaja.

The work was incredibly creative and she gave us all a lot of freedom to break boundaries and experiment with the material.

We also flew around the world to meet and interview artists and scientists inspired by Tesla, which gave us the incredible opportunity to meet people like Terry Gilliam, Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Andy Serkis among others.

I am so happy to see that 10 years later Helena put our work and so much more into an multi-media exhibition about Tesla, or better about his mind.

The exhibition is still on until March 20, 2018 in the Meštrović Pavilion in Zagreb and will then continue in Paris, Budapest, Dubai, New York and Prag.

Find out more about it here.

Some of the videos we worked on can be seen here.