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Mensch Maschine System

Olivier Sliepen, the alto saxophonist from the renowned Amstel Quartet, has called me some time ago, asking me if I would be interested in writing a piece for the Quartet. Not just a saxophone quartet. No. Could I imagine writing for 4 Akai Ewis? The piece should be in the style of Kraftwerk, to recall their 1978 release  Die Mensch Maschine.  Ideas bouncing in my head. “Sure”, was my answer “I would love to give it a shot”. Luckily the members of the Amstel Quartet were open to any of my suggestions, so we had some videos exchange about pedals and drum machines, and they happily obeyed and purchased equipment. I couldn’t help myself to add some additional audio tracks as well to some movements. They on their end, managed to get the amazing DJ Kypski as a wonderful addition to the piece. The result can be heard for the first time on May 11th, at the Muziek Podium Zeeland, in Middelburg. You can book tickets and find more info about the concert here. 


“To create a digital sound with a human breath, seems to me the best musical metaphor for a symbiosis of “Man” and “Maschine”. The EWI seems to be the perfect instrument to create a composition for wind players on the trail of Kraftwerk’s masterpiece “Die Mensch Maschine”.  
The world has been changing rapidly and I hope I was able to catch the spirit of the Kraftwerk and create something new that inspires to go ahead in the quest of the symbiosis of humans and machines.”