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Blutige Anfänger

If you were wondering where I have been hiding the last 6 months (some people were…). I have been writing music for a new twelve part TV series called “Blutige Anfänger” (something like “Absolute Beginners” ) with my next street studio neighbour Kerim König. It was a very rewarding experience to create a whole sound world for an entire season of a show. It involved among other things recording giant bells in Halle (where the series is located) and an exploration of synthesisers and sounds I have never dreamed of using.  We were also asked to compose the title track of the series and I dare say I think it sounds terrific! (Listen for the first bell sound! We risked our lives for that!).




The series starts streaming online on January 24th here.

Or you can watch it on TV on ZDF starting on January 29th, 2020 at 7:25 pm.

Check out the trailer below!