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Barcelona Krimi – Blutiger Beton

Right after “Blutige Anfänger”, I got an email from Dreamtool Entertainment,  if I would like to work with Isabell Šuba on her upcoming TV Debut. I received the previous episode of “Barcelona Krimi“, which she directed and totally loved it. This really felt very different to the usual German TV crime show. It was way funnier, it went way deeper and it felt very natural to connect to the main characters and the story. I was thrilled! Yes. I would love to write the score for it. Me and Kerim König have just finished our TV Series and we worked so well in a team, that we decided to do it together. I am so glad it worked out so well!

The online version is available from tonight 8:15 pm here.

The TV Version will be broadcast on Thursday May 28th 8:15 pm on ARD.